STEP 1: Sign-Up - Click the SIGN-UP NOW link on any page of this website and fill out our holiday shoppe contract. We offer Early Sign-Up bonuses, so sign up as soon as you can, even if you don't know your dates. You can give us dates later. Call us at 1-800-624-4598, if you don't know what your early sign-up offer is.

STEP 2: Parent Letter and Chairperson Handbook - Prior to your sales, you will be emailed a copy of your customized parent letter for your approval and/or the principal's approval. Once we get approval, we will send:

  • A copy of the parent letter for each student on colored stationery
  • Money Envelope for each student
  • Coupons agreed upon from your contract
  • Hallway posters to advertise your sale
  • Chairperson Handbook explaining everything you need to know about your sale
  • Sign-on Information for your customized chairperson website.

STEP 3: Merchandise Delivery - If you are in our service area, our trucks will deliver your starting inventory (not UPS) and take it to anywhere you would like in the school.

  • All boxes are labeled by price on the outside with an inventory sheet inside with all items included along with a picture of each item.
  • Most items are price coded
  • All items needed to run a successful holiday shoppe are supplied including 3 sizes of To/From bags, thank you bags, tablecloths, starting inventory, price list, reorder form, item code sheet, priced tent cards with picture of item, and your closing Daily Cash Sheet.
  • Reorders available BEFORE the start of the next school day delivered by our trucks - not UPS!

Step 4: End of Sale

  • Box up leftover items and leave for us to pickup
  • Fill out Daily Cash Sheet and leave a copy with the office along with a check
  • Items are picked up by our trucks.


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