• NO Inventory Program - No counting the merchandise before or after the sale. Just box up the leftover items, and we will pick them up.
  • Inventory Sheets - Receive an inventory sheet inside each box indicating item number, cash code, price and picture of the item
  • Tent Cards - Use on your table for each item showing item number, price and picture of that item.
  • On Your Honor Payment System - Keep track of your daily sales and pay that amount minus the school's profit.
  • 10% to 20% Return to Your School - Holidayland Kid's Shoppe is not designed to be a fundraiser, but we do offer each school a profit for their hard work and time spent.
  • Coded Inventory - Most items are price-coded to make it easier for the person cashing out each student.
  • Free Coupon for Each Child - Coupons up to $1 given to each child in the school.
  • SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS!! - Good selection of your local sports teams for NFL, MLB, NHL!
  • Reorders Available Next Day - We feel that each student should have the same selection of merchandise whether he/she is the first student or last to shop, so we offer each school to reorder merchandise. Call or fax your reorder in by 1:00 PM, and we will have it delivered by our trucks and drivers BEFORE the start of the next school day - not by UPS that arrives sometime during the day.
  • Free School Supplies - We supply parent letters, money envelopes, hallway posters, tablecloths, 3 sizes of "To / From" bags, take home bags, and even a cash register for free.
  • New Technology - Download our fre cash register app - accepts credit cards.
  • Gift Certificates Available - Parents can purchase gift certificates prior to sale - no need to send cash to school.
  • Chairperson Handbook - Your handbook outlines everything you need to know about how your sale works.
  • Customized School Website - Your website will have all the information you need to run a successful holiday shoppe!


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